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Title: Needs and Satisfaction
Rating: NC-17 ( MA )
Fandom: Young Justice
Pairing: Red Arrow / Robin ( Roy / Dick )
Disclaimer: I don't own any of them! No I don't! Sadly these characters belong to DC Comics
Warnings: M/M sexual relations, bondage, dirty talk, minor(?)
Summary: When Dick had his limbs free and his body thrumming with energy he couldn’t find it within himself to get "excited" over anything. So subconsciously he developed a need to be restrained, to be tied up for any kind of sexual pleasure to course through him.

Author's Note: In my home state, the legal age of consent is 16 years old. For the purpose of this story, Robin is 17 and Red Arrow is 22. Therefore, it's legal... but barely.


With his life being so ravaged by crime and his dreams filled with nightmares from his job as the boy wonder, it was little wonder that Dick Grayson had trouble dealing with feeling excitement and life anymore. When adrenaline was nearly always pumping through your veins, when bullets were always flying in your direction, you got used to them pretty quickly and soon learned to ignore them. Jumping off of tall buildings lost the appeal when you did it several hundred times a night and hand to hand combat was little more than exercise. Now Dick wasn’t an adrenaline junkie. Neither was he the type to enjoy pain. But when he had his limbs free and his body thrumming with energy he couldn’t find it within himself to get excited over anything. So subconsciously he developed a need to be restrained, to be tied up, for any kind of sexual pleasure to course through him.

But had had to be very careful about who he let bind his flexible limbs. Amateurs would tie the ropes too loose and he would easily be able to slip out. Some would tie his limbs overly tightly and it would cut off his circulation. Bruce would easily be able to find a happy medium but Dick felt it would be too odd to have the man he thought of as a father after his own parents died take care of his sexual appetite and he didn’t trust the young partners in crime fighting he worked with so often, fearing their laughter or twisted faces of disgust at his perversion. They were people he had to work with every day at Mount Justice and seventeen year old Dick wasn’t willing to put up with having to face that every day if his secret got out.

However there was one man he could bring himself to ask that he knew had the skill with rope necessary to satisfy his needs; a fellow hero he could trust who wouldn’t laugh in his face and understood him enough to not think of this as some twisted perversion brought on by his time in Gotham. It was the same man whose bed he was in right now, bound comfortably and yet completely, his mask still covering his eyes out of the man’s respect for his identity, even though they both knew who each other were. It was part of the game after all, part of the role he was going to play tonight. Just the feeling of being bound and naked in his lover’s bed was enough to bring the faintest tingles of arousal, even without the man’s immediate presence.

“I still can’t believe you fell for that old trick, Robin,” a smooth, low voice said to him in the dark before a switch was flipped and the room became flooded with bright light. Dick winced but didn’t move otherwise, despite his legs being folded beneath him and his arms being firmly strapped to his back, bound to his entire torso in an intricate weave of knots and tightly strapped lengths of chord. It only took a moment for his eyes to adjust behind the mask and look up at the man who spoke. “Who would think that the boy wonder would walk so easily into a trap so simple as this? Dear Bats might even be ashamed.”

Both of them knew the truth of the matter though. Robin had purposely stepped into his lover’s trap, let himself get caught, just for this reason. The goading was to make it seem more realistic, closer to what he might experience in the outside world. The difference between having maniacs tie him up and letting this man tie him up was that this man did it to bring him the pleasure and excitement he needed without the threat of death looming over him. Dick fought at the ropes that bound him but he couldn’t slip out. He was too tightly bound too intricately. Nothing hurt but he didn’t have a free inch of space. He got more turned on the more he realized this and let out a little moan.

“But then again, I doubt that would be the only thing he’d be ashamed of.”

Dick turned his head then toward his lover’s voice and let his eyes roam over the man’s firm, shirtless body. He had always had a thing for men who had more muscle on them than he did, especially for a strong pair of shoulders that seemed to be made for him to do tricks off of. The definition of the man’s arms and chest remained constant reminders that he certainly wasn’t with someone of his own age group though he still had  the smooth but toned abs and the powerful but lean legs of a young man who was still filling into a body his teenage years had left him with. There was only a faint dusting of red hair on his pale skin and the only freckles on him were those that could occasionally be seen when he exposed himself to too much sunlight at once. He was still wearing the leather pants he had initially gone out with and a nice pair of black boots but since his return home he had slipped on the mask he wore for his hero identity and the arm guards that were signature of one who used a weapon like his.  They made his shoulders look all the stronger and the straight backed man look all the more intimidating.

He walked slowly up to the foot of the bed, his gaze penetrating, even through his mask. Dick decided to look up through his mask, staring at the other’s lean cut features and fiery red hair. It may have been shades more orange than Wally’s hair but that’s what made it seem like the color of fire, specially with the odd blond strand naturally woven through the red. He would know. He spent hours petting through this man’s hair when he was in the hospital last and had memorized the patterns almost without trying.

“Tell me, Robin, does he know of your little secret? Of your little need to come to me to give you what you really need?”

A strong hand reached forward and calloused fingers grabbed a hold of the rope that was tied just tightly enough around his neck and pulled him closer by the front of it so that the entire knotted system rubbed against his skin. Dick had to bite his lips to keep from making another sound and just stared up at his lover, feeling his breathing grow more labored and his cheeks becoming more flushed. “I doubt it, my little bird. I highly doubt that he knows you need to come to me to have your wings temporarily clipped and your tight little ass pounded so thoroughly into the mattress.” Now that he was sitting close enough he could smell how aroused the man was through the fabric of his trousers and if he leaned just a little closer, he knew he would be able to feel the other’s clothed erect against his cheek. He shifted his legs a little wider, needing to give himself space. His lover didn’t miss that movement at all. In fact, it made him groan.

“God, look how eager you are for me already, spreading your legs so wide to show yourself off to me. If you were a girl you’d probably be dripping right now.”

A firm push on his shoulder made Dick fall backwards on the bed, his legs still bound to themselves in such a way that he can’t unfold them but he doesn’t mind. He hears the thud of boots being slipped off and no doubt socks going with them. He moans at the sound of them. He knows what’s coming next. His mouth is watering and his hips want to buck. God he hasn’t had a taste of the man in weeks and he’d almost forgotten what it was to crave it. “But even if you aren’t a woman, you’re just as hungry for my cock as they would be aren’t you?” The bed dipped as the older man climbed onto the bed and crawled over him, his pants already unbuttoned, his hardness hanging out obscenely from the leather. “Bet you can’t wait to taste it, can you Robin?”

“Please,” Dick begged, not ashamed of doing so, not when the game was this intense, “Please, just give me a taste. Let me suck your dick, Red Arrow, even for a little bit. I promise it’ll be good for you. I promise. Just please…”

Roy laughed softly at his words but even with the mask obscuring his eyes Dick knew that his begging was triggering the man’s obsession with power and control, neither of which he really had under his former mentor. And while it had been years since he had gone by Speedy, Roy still liked being reminded he was his own man now, a man just as strong and powerful as his once mentor without needing the man always looking over his shoulder. As much as he needed to be tied up, Roy needed to be in this position of control and power and Dick was more than willing to succumb to his needs if it meant his own got met too.

“You think so, do you?”

“Yes. Yes sir.”

There was some more shifting and dipping of the bed before the feeling of warm, buttery leather against his warm chest told him he was indeed going to get his wish as Red Arrow bent over him to use the head board as leverage so he could watch with less effort. Dick didn’t try to look up at his lover’s face. He had a much more appetizing sight right in front of him, pressing gently against his lips. “Prove it then, Robin. Suck me. Suck me down as far as you can. Show me how good little boys take the cocks of the real men they need.”  He didn’t need more encouragement. He opened his mouth and reached out with his tongue, tasting the pre-cum he could already see beading at the end. It was a salty and bitter taste but he loved it anyway because it was his lover’s.

Roy muttered a few expletives and very slowly slid himself between Dick’s parted lips, taking great care to only give him a fraction of an inch at a time to avoid choking him and Richard more than appreciated the gesture as it gave him time to adjust. His mouth watered around the hard cock in his mouth and he could taste the sweat coming off of it on his tongue, the weight comforting. He moaned around it and the vibrations made Roy curse again before he partly pulled out and slowly thrust back in. It took effort but Dick was able to remember to keep his teeth away from the sensitive skin and yet maintain the seal with his lips while his mouth was slowly fucked.

“Fuck you look so beautiful like that,” Red Arrow said, speeding up his thrusts a little bit, “your pretty lips wrapped around my cock as you suckle on it like a lollipop.” Dick moved his tongue along the length a bit and tilted his head, trying to add a bit of his own rhythm to the thrusting. “Look how far you’re taking it down. It’s like you wanna swallow me whole. Oh yeah. Mmm. Take it. Suck me down Robin. Suck my cock like the pro that you are.”

The thrusting became more punishing but Dick was able to keep his throat open and roll with it. He loved it so much he writhed on the bed, only lifting his head every once in a while to make sure he didn’t accidentally choke on his own spit. His arms were starting to fall asleep but at the moment he really didn’t care. The bitter and salty taste was getting stronger. He swallowed it down, wishing he could sample this more and more though he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to taste the real thing, not this time around.

Eventually Roy got sick of his mouth and pulled himself away, instead shimmying down the bed and using the knotted ropes that were wrapped around Dick’s torso to pull him up and onto his knees. They kissed them, deep and hungry, no holds barred for long moments, their tongues caught in a filthy battle while Roy reached around gently tested Dick’s hole. The boy moaned at the sensation, the muscles still sensitive from the plug he had worn when he had first come over. His insides were already stretched out, already slick with lube. He could tell his lover was pleased with this by the way the man’s dick jumped against him just as his own rut itself against the smooth planes of the other’s stomach.

“Fuck, Robin, you whore. It’s almost like you wanted me to fuck you blind tonight.”

Dick moaned at the suggestion and nodded, tilting his head to kiss along the other man’s cheek and let his faint black stubble rub gently with Roy’s red. “Hell yeah. Been craving it all week. It’s all I could think about. It’s why you were able to catch me so easy. Couldn’t get the idea of you fucking me so hard out of my head.”

Again he was thrown back onto the bed but it was only for a moment before he was manhandled so that he was sitting on his knees, face down on the bed and facing the mirrors that were Roy’s closet doors. From there He could see the way one of Roy’s hands held onto the ropes over his back like some kind of bridal, being careful to not pull on the one tied around his neck while the other gently guided his dick to the boy’s already prepared entrance. Normally, Dick would have protested doing this kind of thing without protection but before he had come to Roy with this the two of them had been virgins and he had tested them after that for any sign of disease that could be transferred in such an embarrassing way. But there was never any trace of disease so he wasn’t worried. Right now, though, disease was right behind his math homework on the scale of importance. In fact, it slid even further back when he felt himself being filled for the first time in what felt like forever. He didn’t bother keeping himself quiet though what he said he wasn’t entirely sure. He wasn’t even sure that it was words that came out of his mouth.

By the time Roy was fully seated in him, Dick felt like he was going to come at any moment, even if he hadn’t been touched directly by the other man’s hand. He had a rope that rubbed him behind his balls and the ropes against his belly did a fine job of gently rubbing his bared skin while his dick desperately searched for friction. He groaned and clenched his hole just as Roy’s face flushed with whatever blood remained in his hand.

“God you’re still so tight, little bird,” Roy said, his voice absolutely wrecked by now, “Still so fucking tight. Even all nice and stretched out it’s like your ass just wants me to stay in you like this. But we know what you really want.”  Very slowly he started moving, both hands holding onto the ropes over Dick’s back, his thrusts slow but deep. Dick felt his entire body shift in the ropes and almost wept in his relief when his aching dick was able to brush some of the soft ropes at this angle. “You want what all whore boy wonders want.  Well let’s see if I can make this little birdy of mine sing tonight.”  Roy’s pace picked up as he sat up a little straighter and changed his angle. “Don’t be afraid to sing, my Robin. Sing for me.”

And sing Robin did though his song was a cacophony of slutty words and requests punctuated with the odd expletive and obscene encouragements as he was pounded into harder and harder and his body jumped more and more in the ropes. At one point he closed his eyes and just gave into the sensation, thrusting back when he found Roy tiring until the man found the stamina to keep going. He kept trying to fight the ropes, trying to loosen his hands to hold onto something but found that he couldn’t and that made him all the hotter. The combination of being so utterly restrained while being fucked so thoroughly and having his balls and dick rubbing against the silken rope that restrained him became too much after a short while and with a final cry of “Red!” he came, hard, all over the ground on the side of the bed some of his seed even staining the ropes and his chest with their force while his partner came shortly afterward, grunting his name as he filled his ass with his semen.

The ended up having to stay like that for a few moments, Dick utterly boneless in his ropes and Roy sitting on his haunches, trying to catch his breath, before gingerly pulling out of his lover and grabbing some tissues from the nearby tissue box to carefully clean what he could from him before untying the ropes that bound his legs so he could get up and stretch his long legs again while the rest of the intricate design was undone with a single pull from one of the knots though Dick was usually too out of it at this point to really notice or care which knot the pull came from. Once the ropes were off he reached up and pulled off his mask before getting off the bed and making his way to the shower while Roy cleaned himself and the mess from the floor.

It only took a few minutes to clean himself a little more thoroughly and get the sweat off his skin but by the time he was done Roy had already thrown the tissues out and gotten his own mask off, no doubt having replaced it with his costume. He was already laying with the covers covering his lower half, though his pants were laying in a pile beside the bed, meaning that he was completely nude under the sheets. Dick smiled at the thought but was honestly too tired from round one to go again so soon. Roy rolled onto his back when he heard the door open and smiled, beckoning his lover closer, his now visible green eyes equally tired but happy.

There was no reason to hesitate so Dick hurried over to the bed and set his mask down on the Robin costume where it was tucked under it (as it always was) before climbing in and pulling the blankets over them both and snuggling closer to his boyfriend. Roy reached out with one hand to get the light switch he had had installed near his bed while the other arm wrapped around Dick’s shoulders and held him close enough so that his head rested on his chest. Dick smiled and nuzzled the warm skin there, wrapping his own arm around his lover and entwining their legs together as best he could. “I love you, Roy,” he said happily, his blue eyes falling closed.

“And I love you too, Dick. I love you too.”


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Jun. 10th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
that was awesome!!

*dies from severe nose bleed*
Apr. 12th, 2013 05:56 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the super old comment, but I loved this!!! I love the relationship you portray for Roy and Dick together, and how trusting Dick is to let Roy do this and of course the sex was hot!!
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