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Fic: El Tango de CapIron

Title: El Tango de CapIron
Rating: T
Fandom: Avengers (2012)
Pairings: Steve Rogers (Captain America) / Tony Stark (Iron Man) : Pre-slash
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor do I own the video that inspired me or the music I'm embedding here as reference.
Warnings: homosexuality, AU, mild OoCness, music prompt
Summary: [originally inspired by this video]At a charity event, Steve Rogers is  pulled into a little dance with Tony Stark... a dance he didn't see coming. Or the result of it.


The charity event had started off as any other. Steve had been invited under the principle of being Captain America -though he did arrive dressed in his army greens that SHIELD had been so kind as to supply for him instead of the costume simply because it was dressier- and he wasn’t the type of person who could just say no to attending an event that was designed to raise money for veteran soldiers and their families. He understood all too well how much a war could cost a soldier and before he was able to join up saw for himself the way the family of the soldier struggled to cope with the shell of the man they knew when he came home. So if his appearance at this little party could help, he decided he would go. It was just a party.  He had endured worse for the troops before.

What he hadn’t expected to happen at said party was for this little party to somehow or another pull from him the dancing talent he had apparently mistakenly thought non-existent in his time. At one point he had felt the eyes of another person on him so he turned to see who it was, only to meet the eyes of his fellow team member, Tony Stark, while the man was finishing his clear drink in a glass. It was remarkable really how closely the son resembled the father, at least in appearance if not attitude. It was difficult to remember Howard Stark but what he could remember certainly seemed to fit. Now, he wasn’t the type to admit to anyone, even himself, that had had something of a fondness for the scientist and now that fondness was extending to the exasperating son when he wasn’t in the middle of being an obnoxious self centered asshole.

There was something in Tony’s eyes though that spoke to Steve, something that compelled him to step closer just as a song, a dramatic violin piece began. He could see Tony slinking to meet him half way although Steve didn’t bother with that. He almost didn’t notice the people clearing the way either, not until the two of them were in the center of the room, slowly circling each other. He could tell, just from the way the shoulders fit on the smaller man that his tuxedo was expertly tailored, no doubt to fit his small body like a glove. Not that he was going to be looking at the trim waist to fitted slacks. His focus stayed mostly on the man’s face when they stepped into each other and hands snapped into place. From the fact his hand was resting on Tony’s shoulder blade it looked like he was going to start off as the lead. Fine. He could handle that.

With careful steps he guided Tony to step backwards, his blue eyes never leaving playful dark ones, even as their legs carefully brushed one another’s in ways that were not entirely appropriate for two grown men. He made a sharp turn, coaxing his partner to do a bit of fancy footwork to keep up. He could feel the man’s shoes brushing his pant leg with each little kick but he didn’t do much in the way of kicks. He just focused on tripping the man up. At one point he guided Tony into making little figure eights with his feet before he stuck a leg between his partner’s mid step. Tony smirked an evil little smirk and kicked just underneath Steve’s thigh before continuing. Well this wasn’t working the way he had planned.

When none of what he knew worked he decided to have Tony do a little free spin, intent on catching him and continuing but instead of catching his hands as the lead, somehow Tony was able to switch their places and now Steve was standing in the place of the follower. He all but growled in annoyance when Tony grinned and leaned forward just enough to say “Nice try. My turn, pretty boy.”

Tony’s lead was strong, almost jerky but Steve could take it. He was no woman. His steps were more pronounced and without really expecting to do it, his feet were coaxed into doing the same kicks that Tony had done with ease. However, he wasn’t ready for Tony to coax him into taking a smooth step forward so that their bodies were pressed together in a not too entirely unpleasant way. Steve, no knowing what else to do wrapped the leg he didn’t have his weight on around one of Tony’s and let his foot slide up the back of his partner’s leg despite the awkward angle. He raised a blond eyebrow at how this made Tony’s expression slip for a minute before the determined look shuttered back into place and he was made to step back. Well… that explained the dance. He could work with this.

Steve careful maintained a straight face while they danced, using his footwork to keep flirting rather indirectly with his fellow hero to trip him up even as his footwork was becoming increasingly more complicated and difficult for him to keep up with. At one point, Tony coaxed him into a promenade step, which he did with ease but when they turned around he was able to switch their hands so that he was the lead again. Tony looked startled and Steve smirked at him. Oh he was going to use this arrogant bastard’s weakness against him. It was the very least he deserved.

Steve brought Tony to stand close, wrapping an arm around his partner’s mid back to press him close enough that with each and every step their thighs and knees brushed. He would only loosen his hold enough so that Tony could dance, so he could handle his  own tricky footwork and try to entice Steve the way Steve had undoubtedly enticed him. Too bad it wouldn’t work. Steve had stifled feelings for handsome men for years. Bucky had been a temptation in his time. Now it was Tony… once that arrogant attitude was broken away and the man underneath proved himself to be just as human as the rest of them.

Steve took a couple of backward steps that made them turn quickly but Tony decided to wrap a long leg around the soldier’s hip. Steve frowned at the smirk on Tony’s face and the wiggling of his eyebrows.  Damn the man… He wouldn’t get away with this. He was the follow in this dance, it was time to make him do something horrifically embarrassing in the name of dance, or at least something Steve considered embarrassing. He moved so that the dance could continue then had Tony lean back in a deep dip, one that that had he been a normal man he would have had trouble holding Tony up. It was disappointing that Tony didn’t seem as embarrassed as Steve thought he would be but the captain made sure to not let it show.

Once he pulled his partner up he all but threw the other into a freestyle spin, intent on leaving him spinning until he became ill, following but never really catching him but when he walked passed his partner, deciding to leave their little dance for now as the song was almost over Tony stopped mid spin and wrapped his arms around him, hands pressing the ribbons and medals he wore on his chest into his skin. “We ain’t quite done yet, cap,” Tony purred in his ear and stepped away as Steve turned around to face him, this time curling a finger as if to say ‘come here’. This was starting to get beyond insulting but the song was almost done. Just a few more steps and it would all be over. He could best Iron Man in this. He knew he could.

He stepped closer although instead of leading the man with his hands, he lead with his broad shoulders alone as Tony’s hands were resting on his lapels.  He pushed Tony to take quick steps backward then turned on his own feet, catching the man’s hand just as they lost contact to spin the slighter man so that he brushed Steve’s chest with his arms as he turned. This time Steve caught him with a broad hand on his shoulder blade and caught his hand a second later to pretend to caress as if his partner were a woman. He smirked at the look of disapproval he caught for that and let the hand on the shoulder blade slide a little lower as he worked with the building tempo, making their footwork have to speed up to match the music. He wasn’t being creative anymore but that was alright. He could hear Tony’s labored breathing and feel how warm he was getting under his tux. He didn’t want the mere mortal to overheat.

He didn’t expect that on the song’s last measure Tony would suddenly decide to back lead and pull him close, practically slamming their bodies together and the man’s smaller, slightly calloused hand to grab at the back of his head and pull their mouths together in a firm kiss. As a supersoldier it would have been easy enough to pry Tony off of him but at the same time he didn’t want to use so much force he broke the man physically. Well, there was that and for a few seconds he had no idea what was going on. He had thought about it but he had never kissed a man before. By the time his brain had caught up, he was being let go and as embarrassed as he was, the crowd around them was cheering and applauding. He fought back a hard blush but barely. What in the world-

“Steve, you do remember what this charity event was for right?”

Tony’s voice almost startled him and Steve nodded. It was for war veterans and their families. Unless he was very much mistaken but he didn’t think he was.

“Then consider that little dance a show for the amusement of the people showing their support.”

Steve wanted to say something in response but Tony had already patted his shoulder and walked away. That kiss certainly wasn’t part of the show. He could tell. There was too much desperation in it for just show and the bulge he felt pressed against his thigh during the kiss told him the dance certainly wasn’t just a show either. Damn. What was he going to do now?


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Oct. 16th, 2012 05:13 am (UTC)
Sorry, hi, I don't mean to intrude on your LJ, but I saw the link on the Tony/Steve Tango video on Youtube, and I was curious, and I love reading Steve/Tony fics...

I just have to say this piece of work was incredible, I think I read it about three times in a row now; it's just so amazing, and for lack of better words, amazing and sexy, and just very "wow". I love the amount of detail you put into each of their movements during their dance, I'm just floored. I think I'll read it again. And I hope you don't mind, but I would really like to mem' this so I can come back to it again and again. Sorry again for intruding. Um, have an awesome day?
Oct. 22nd, 2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the loves!
It's totally fine to intrude! I am so very glad you enjoyed my work to the point where you decided to leave such a flattering comment! Feel free to follow me or add me to your livejournal and look through the rest of my fics but I have just recently starting writing in the Avengers fandom. Stony isn't my usual pair but it is one I think I manage pretty well. If you have a request, message me it! I could always use the practice.
Nov. 11th, 2012 03:59 pm (UTC)
Hotness! Sequel, please?
Dec. 2nd, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
Wow! Sent over here by a friend who saw a link on tumblr and knew I was a Steve/Tony fan. I also happen to be a dancer, so I really appreciated and enjoyed this. Thanks so much for writing and sharing your brilliance with the rest of us.

Hmmmm, I wonder what Steve's next move will be? *big evil grin*
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