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Writing: A Catharsis for the Soul

The works of a stressed out college student

8 November
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I am a Senior at Florida State University (go 'Noles!) studying French Language. I have one full novel completed called "War Torn Hearts" and am currently working on my next one. I also write fanfiction and am currently working on several Star Trek XI work. Everything I write (here is your warning) is slash (m/m relationships)! As such, here are the pairings to expect in any and all fanfiction I write:

Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction:
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Sherlock Holmes/Gabriel Lestrade

Star Trek TOS or Star Trek XI:
McCoy/Chekov McCoy/Kirk Spock/Kirk Spock/McCoy Sulu/Chekov

Harry Potter:
Oliver/Percy Tom Riddle/Percy Tom Riddle/Cedric Oliver/Cedric/Percy

House M.D.:


Anime will vary depending on series but for the most part I don't write anime fanfiction any more.

Other basic fun little facts about me include:
I am Unitarian Universalist
Politically, I would vote Libertarian (if I could vote)
I am not a U.S. Citizen! I is Canadian! MAPLE LEAF POWER!
I speak English, French and am working on German.
I have various obessions with various actors... including Jeremy Brett, Adrien Brody, Karl Urban, James D'Arcy, DeForest Kelley and Gaspard Ulliel!

Want to know anything else? JUST ASK!